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English Building: LA 3 G: 480-461-7636 Hours Fall & amp; Spring Semesters: Mon-Thu: ndash & 7 am; 8 pm Fri: ndash & 7 am; 3 pm Sat and Sunlight Summer Term: Mon-Thu: 7 ndash; 6 pm Seated, Sealed Fri and Sunlight Welcome to MCC' s English Division. Your more than 130 university associates Full Article offer a variety of programs designed to match with university shift demands and interest our students’ wide pursuits. Though developing writing and first-year formula comprise the vast majority of the programs we offer, we additionally offer more than 100 lessons in the areas: literature, the humanities, imaginative writing, instructional writing, personal writing, picture studies, journalism, and english-as a Second Language. Whether you're signed up for a conventional classroom part or an internet or hybrid class, MCC's various English college are committed to offering exceptional teaching to assist learners improve their educational and realworld literacy abilities, along with their understanding of and gratitude for the approaches individuals use vocabulary to communicate through numerous media and types. Department Faculty & Staff